Youth and UNESCO 75th Anniversary

UNESCO 75th Anniversary
Beyond Celebrations: A Call for Youth Engagement!

Since its foundation, UNESCO has sought to collaborate with civil society partners such as NGOs for the implementation of its activities and programmes. Over the years, UNESCO has built up a valuable network of cooperation with NGOs having an expertise in its fields of competence and, in order to foster and recognize such collaborations, the Organization has established Directives concerning UNESCO’s partnership with non-governmental organizations (36 C/Res. 108), which allow formal relationships with NGOs. Currently, UNESCO enjoys official partnerships with 401 NGOs.

At the same time, UNESCO encourages engagement of youth in its actions from design to implementation and follow-up, in their local communities through the scaling up of youth-led initiatives, in the policy agenda through the integration of youth concerns and the active participation of young people in the processes of developing this agenda. To this end, the Liaison Committee proposes to use the occasion of the 75th anniversary of UNESCO to launch a call to action for NGOs in Official Partnership to nominate young representatives to be the driving force of the future, in an intergenerational dialogue.

How will this happen?

On 12 July 2021 at 2pm Paris time, representatives of the Liaison Committee will lead a call to consult, with NGOs representatives under 30 years old, what is the best approach to include young people meaningfully in their organization’s regular operations. In this call we will discuss the content of a Position Paper on Youth and Guidelines for Advocacy, which will be presented in time for the 75th anniversary celebrations of UNESCO. The Position Paper will serve as an important document for the NGOs in official partnership, as well as the Liaison Committee Youth Strategy, to maintain young people engaged and contributing to a plural dialogue.

Gender equality is one of UNESCO’s two global priorities, as such we encourage you to nominate a 1st and a 2nd option for representatives. Based on the applications, in the selection phase we will work to ensure a gender balance including a representative regional distribution of participation.

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Though registrations for this call are now closed, you can still participate by emailing the Liaison Committee using the email address shown below.