International Days

International Day of Peace 2021: A Letter to NGO Partners

Dear friends,

We hope you’re well and that you and your loved ones have not suffered from Covid 19. This global catastrophe has isolated us and forced us to learn the gestures of distancing. However, it has also allowed us to appreciate the digital world’s positive aspects and remain in touch. All over the world people have been affected by this virus and global solidarity has shown itself in many forms. Acting for Peace, Solidarity between Peoples, Cultural Diversity, Inclusion, Peace Education are more necessary than ever in this disturbing world.

Our project of chorales and peace festivals to promote the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2021 needs to take on a new life now!

In 2014 and 2018 a group of NGO-UNESCO partners developed and first organised the Puppets for Peace Project and then the Drones and Robots for Peace Project. About forty NGOs participated. Details are available in the annex.

In 2019, based on the previous projects’ successes, the group submitted a new project entitled Chorales for Peace, associated with a Peace Festival. Originally planned for the 2020 International Day of Peace, the event fell victim to the pandemic and was postponed. The event includes three ways to celebrate on September 21, 2021: 1) digitally; 2) locally in person; or 3) at an event of intergenerational chorales from around the world in Tolosa, Spain.

Validated by the 2018 and 2020 International Conferences of NGOS (ICNGOs), this project is also supported by the current UNESCO NGO Partner Liaison Committee, elected in December 2020. It encourages intergenerational voices from all continents to be heard.

We would like to use the opportunity afforded by these postponements to include even more chorales of young and old, showcasing cultural diversity of all world regions as well as diverse repertoires and presentations by chorales….Please tell us if you have chorales among your contacts who would like to collaborate with you on this project.

The document explaining our initial objectives is attached. Please provide us your NGO’s contact information and include contacts of additional candidate chorales interested in participating.

Dear friends, thank you for your attention and collaboration in the interests of peace that is being so severely tested in these times. Acting for Peace and Solidarity is more necessary than ever.

Michel Thouzeau (AIEP - and
Lisbeth Gouin (OMEP -
Project leaders for the group

10 June 2021