Meet the 2020 Liaison Committee

The International Conference of NGOs in Official Partnership with UNESCO is held every two years. The current Liaison Committee was elected by the NGOs attending the International Conference of NGOs, 16-18 December 2020, for a two year term. At the first meeting of the Committee for this mandate, on 8 February 2021, the Committee nominated certain members to specific positions shown below.

Davide Grosso, President

Davide Grosso

Victoria Lovelock, Vice President

Victoria Lovelock
Vice President

Philippe Beaussant, Treasurer

Philippe Beaussant

Teresa Kennedy, Executive Secretary

Teresa Kennedy
Executive Secretary

Nick Newland, Communications Officer

Nick Newland
Communications Officer

Thaís Querioz, Youth Liaison

Thaís Querioz
Youth Liaison

Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré

Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré
CCNGO Liaison

Christian Breuil

Christian Breuil

Christian Epouma

Christian Grégoire Epouma

Nelsy Lizarado

Nelsy Lizarazo

Petya Zelenski

Petya Zelenski

If you would like to download the full election report from the 2020 ICNGO, please click here:

Download Report