International Forums 2020-2022

Webinar on Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in support of the SDG’s

The NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee is pleased to invite you to attend the first Webinar on Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in support of SDGs, 24 May 2022, – 3.30 pm (Paris time).

The objective of this first webinar is to underline the vital importance of science, technology and innovation in response to the challenges facing humanity, such as pandemics, global warming, the loss of biodiversity, water stress and the persistence of poverty in some regions of the world, particularly in Africa with the world's highest rate of women launching their own business and where entrepreneurship is widely considered a unique source of both empowerment for women and opportunities for economic growth. This will also be the opportunity to recall the role of equitable and inclusive quality education, to promote the access of girls and women to scientific and technical training and professional equality between women and men.

This event will bring together different stakeholders and testimonies at global, regional and local levels to foster a debate on how to get girls and women engaged in STEM, TVET and STI Education, how to facilitate their access to universities and vocational technical schools, how to get girls and women educated and trained in water technologies and the actions needed to accelerate gender equality for sustainable development at policy level.

The webinar will be held in French and English with simultaneous translation. A detailed programme is available using the link on the right.

Please contact the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee ( for any questions regarding this event.