NGO UNESCO Liaison committee

NGO International Conference

NGO UNESCO Liaison committee - NGO International Conference

Committee 2017-2018

The NGO International Conference which took place at the UNESCO Headquarter in Paris from 15 to 17 December 2014 elected the chairperson and the members of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee for a period of two years.

Chairperson of the Liaison Committee and of the NGO International Conference:  


Martine Levy

World Association of Guides and Girls Scouts (WAGGGS)




Members of the Liaison Committee:



Catholic International Education Office  (OIEC)
Representative : Thierry Brault
Alternate : Philippe Richard




China Folklore Photographic Association

Representative :  Shen Che
Alternate : Qian Zhang



Comité de Coordination du Service Volontaire International (CCSVI)

Representative : Victoria Lovelock
Alternate: Luca Coppola





Forum for African Women Educationalist (FAWE)
Representative : Aïcha Bah Diallo
Alternate : Lydia Marie Toto Raharimalala



International council of organization for folklore festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF)
Representative : Philippe Beaussant
Alternate : Magdalena Tovornik



International Federation of Coalitions For Cultural Diversity (IFCCD)
Representative : Diego Gradis
Alternate : Ségolène Bunel




Latin American social sciences council (CLACSO)

Representative : Pablo Gentili
Alternate : Fernanda Saforcada





Rotary International
Representative : Cyril Noirtin
Alternate : Serge Gouteyron





Sozopol Foundation
Representative : Ivelina Kyutchoukova
Alternate : Mme Petya Zelenski



On proposal of the Chairperson, have been appointed by the Liaison committee :

Vice-President: Patrick Gallaud
Secretary: Philippe Beaussant
Tresurer: Cyril Noirtin