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International Day of Literacy

Project to organize an International Conference
in liaison with the 2014 International Day of Literacy.

Literacy: an inescapable step in the path towards Lifelong Education for All.

In the spirit of the Liaison Committee’s new directives and the 2013-2014 Action Plan, the International NGOs involved in UNESCO’s programmes promoting Education for All (EFA) and the right to education propose organizing an event in liaison with the International Day of Literacy at UNESCO (8 September 2014), within the framework of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and the UN Post-2015 Education Programme.

A panel/roundtable discussion will gather experts and people working in the field to confront their perspectives. Thematic workshops and visual supports, eg. photo and vídeo exhibits, and posters will present NGOs’ work in various regions of the world where most of our literacy and lifelong education for all activities are implanted.

We consider that this initiative of our International NGOs, which aims at reinforcing the awareness of the actors and decision-makers about the importance of achieving EFA will contribute to providing us with the means to act effectively to face the world challenges of the 21st century.

n.b. This international day will be organized in memory of Michel Debeauvais, who passed away in December 2012. He was an educator and researcher, renowned specialist of education in Africa, defender of the right to education and contributed to raising the awareness of our NGOs about the multiple facettes of Lifelong Education for All.

  • Contact: Project coordinator, Lisbeth Gouin (OMEP)
  • Working Group Secretary: JC Guillemard (ISPA)

pdficonsm Presentation Literacy & Basic Skills as a Foundation for Lifelong Learning

pdficonsm Proceeding of the International Day of Literacy


(2011 Education for All Global Monitoring Report) – School children in Florida (Valle), in Colombia © UNESCO