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NGO UNESCO Liaison committee - NGO International Conference

International Days

The Liaison Committee retained the following proposals (with the provision that certain established criteria be met: calendar, finance, etc.)

  1. Proposal presented by OMEP, IAU, ISAPA, IMA, EUROALFA, ATD Third World International, ICCB
    1. Theme: Literacy, essential stage on the way to Education for All throughout life
    2. Date: 8 September 2014 (International Literacy Day)
  2. Proposal presented by a group of 22 NGOs in either association or consultative status with UNESCO
    1. Theme: Marionettes for Peace
    2. Date: 21 September 2013 (International Peace Day)
  3. Proposal presented by ISOCARP, IAC, IAW, ICBC, ICW, IFHE, OMAEC, SOROPTIMIST in the framework of the CIONG Resolution “Social inclusion and eradication of poverty”
    1. Theme: Highlighting migrant experience: Mobility, reception, dreams, hopes, difficulties, tenacity or discouragement; consider the person and not the migratory flow
    2. Date: 18 December 2014 (International Migrant Day)
  4. Proposal by ATD Fourth World
    1. Theme: Show that a sustainable world of solidarity cannot exist without the intelligence and experience of the very poor
    2. Date: 17 October 2013 (International Day for the elimination of poverty)
  5. Proposal by the group of NGOs “Article 31”
    1. Theme: “Article 31: Acting Human Rights
    2. Date: 10 December 2013 (International Human Rights Day)