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NGO UNESCO Liaison committee - NGO International Conference

Speech by the Chairperson of the ICNGO and UNESCO-NGO Liaison Committee at the Executive Board-Item 11, October 18, 2019

207th Session of the Executive Board 

207EX/11. Item 11: Comprehensive partnership strategy

October 18, 2019


Speech by Marie-Claude MACHON-HONORÉ
Chair of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee

NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO have been part of  UNESCO’s DNA since its creation when the Member States wished to associate them in order to benefit from their expertise and promote UNESCO’s values.
NGOs’ thematic working groups under the auspices of the Liaison Committee, the international forums organized in cooperation with the Secretariat, the celebration of international days as well as the field projects led by  NGO partners are all aligned with the programs and priorities of UNESCO.
Still we can go further together by strengthening our partnership so that NGOs’ competences and their ability to act effectively at the global, regional and local levels may increase the visibility of UNESCO’s actions and improve the implementation of its programs as well as of the 2030 Agenda.

UNESCO’s official NGO partners are ready to fully join in the strategic transformation to strengthen UNESCO as a think tank and provide innovative solutions to burning issues, in greater collaboration with UNESCO’s field offices and National Commissions.
Our NGOs are international and active on all continents. As ECOSOC members, for most of them, they regularly interact with their representatives at the United Nations and its other agencies.
Cognizant of our shared responsibility, we are fully aware of the urgency of strengthening our partnership to overcome the new challenges and achieve sustainable development and peace.


Video of the speech (in French), click HERE: Discours Conseil Exécutif