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NGO UNESCO Liaison committee - NGO International Conference

The President’s message


Welcome to the NGO-UNESCO  Laison Committee website.

I am honored to have been elected at the last International NGO Conference  (December 2018) on the themes of valuing the commitment and contribution of NGOs, communication and dialogue, and the collective strength of NGOs.

The role of the Liaison Committee is to represent the interests of all NGOs and our goal will be to strengthen  a partnership culture  through projects that are based on the expertise of NGOs on the ground  and aligned with UNESCO Priorities,  and in compliance with the basic texts.

We will speak as one voice because education, the eradication of poverty, peace in the hearts of men and women and intercultural dialogue, the defense of human rights, gender equality, the freedom of expression, science as a common good of humanity and for sustainable development, the fight against climate change, the key role of youth and the development of Africa are our common priorities in the implementation of  UNESCO programs.

With UNESCO, whose values ​​we share, we will build bridges to facilitate cooperation and solidarity among generations, peoples, communities, academia and Member States.

Wishing to value the actions of NGOs across the regions , the Liaison Committee will be listening to them and to the suggestions of civil society at large  so as to improve our collective contribution for the common good.

We also invite you to join us on Facebook and twitter @NgoUnesco to follow our news and thematic forums.

Thank you for your support !


Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré

Chair of the ICNGO and President of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee