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CCIC: FORUM Metamorphosis of the World

Since its creation in 1947, the ICCC has always wanted in its activities to put the human being at the very center of the world, to consider his or her dignity as imprescriptible in all its dimensions and to seek the conditions for his or her accomplishment.

The acceleration of the World’ s metamorphosis due to the pressure of scientific progress and of new information technology invites us to emphasize the urgent need of examining an essential question : that of our conscious or unconscious submission to new technologies or, to the contrary, their rational use for the benefit of Man’s Greatness. Each technological advance, each new scientific discovery, introduces possibilities for change in society, while being accompanied by a discourse that could modify the very notion of the Person. Indeed, we note, with many other researchers, that technology is not neutral, that it conveys in its wake social and cultural orientations that could be irreversible.

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