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The NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee Newsletter (Issue number 4)

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The NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee Newsletter (Issue number 4)

In this 4th issue of the Liaison Committee Newsletter you will find the latest information on the next events including the next international NGO-Liaison Committee forums, the conclusions or summaries of conferences  or symposiums organised by NGOs on UNESCO priority themes, some news from the Vice president for the youth including the follow-up to the forum on climate change,

some information on the CCNGO Beirut meeting and our representation and collaboration to a collective advocacy, the next dates to save and  last but not least the NGOs consultation under the aegis of the Liaison Committee on ways to improve the dialogue with Member states. You just need to click on the links.

As you must have noticed the Liaison Committee website has been revamped,  thanks to Ousseynou Gueye, our assistant on digital communication, with a new tab for NGO-UNESCO Partnerships and subtabs for CCNGO/Education 2030 and NGOs’contributions ; you  will have access to useful information on our past and present activities by visiting the site (

Next NGO-UNESCO Forums and Events

As mentioned in the monthly letter addressed to Non Governmental Partners  by the Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information a.i. , the 9th  international forum organised by the NGO-Liaison Committee  in partnership with UNESCO on the following theme « New perspectives on Migration » will take place in Tunisia and will be  hosted by the Arab Institute for Human Rights . In the same letter you will find a link to access a UNESCO publication titled Migration, Free Movement and Regional Integration.

Tunis will also be the venue of two events including the International Day of Peace on  « Drones and Robots for Peace » (programme) and the seminar  titled « Acting for  Human Rights » on 28th and 29th September (Switch to French).


The 10th international NGO-UNESCO forum on science is being prepared  and we are expecting  some official information very soon.

You will also find the information on the International Day of the Girl Child.

Activities of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO

Several NGOs  have organised or participated in conferences or colloquiums on the different themes relevant to the UNESCO priority themes : The key role of science to achieve the UN Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals ; Research and researchers’ working conditions ; Ethics and new technologies (Switch to French) ; The role of academics and scientific researchers in the intercultural dialogue ;  The role of mothers for peace (Switch to French); the role of institutions, family and community in the wellbeing of the elderly (under the patronage of the French national commission to UNESCO) ; Music and Dance for peace.



Vicky Lovelock ,Vice President for Youth and Public Relations was invited in February to present the work of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee on a panel to Hong Kong’s First International Conference on Global Volunteering- Empowering Youth Leadership for Glocal Impact.


Follow-up to the forum on climate change

The Vice President for Youth and Public Relations is in charge of the follow up to the Eighth International Forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO “Changing Minds, Not the Climate: The Contribution of NGOs”, which took place last December in UNESCO Paris. As a result of the Forum a common decision was taken to provide UNESCO with an overview of the work of NGOS specifically towards the UNESCO Strategy for Action on Climate Change. Several meetings have taken  place since then and a questionnaire supporting  the promotion of the work of NGOS in the field of Climate Change has been designed for the UNESCO Secretariat to get more information on the work already being implemented in the field.



The first face-to-face meeting of the CCNGO new membership of Coordination Group was organised with the UNESCO regional Bureau of Beirut, Lebanon, on 7th May, following the ACEA-organized conference on Financing Education 2030: revisiting the role of civil society (Beirut, 2-4 May 2018). You will find the Liaison committee report and the full report  as well as the list of participants and reference documents on our site (tab for NGO-UNESCO partnerships) when available; You can also access SDG-ED2030 Steering Committee webpage of resources you are kindly invited to read in order to make suggestions on our collective contribution towards the next following events (see below). A meeting will take place at the beginning of September (day and room to be confirmed as soon as possible).

SDG-Education Education 2030 Steering Committee meeting

Paris, France, 12-13 September 2018

Europe/North America Education 2030 consultation

Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, 24 October 2018

Arab Regional Ministerial Education 2030 Meeting

ALECSO, Venue (TBD), November 2018

Global Education 2030 Meeting

Brussels, Belgium, 3-5 December 2018

Dates to save

The next international conference of NGOs (ICNGO)  which gathers 400 NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO and is a key element in the collective cooperation as mentioned in the directives will take place on 17th ,18th,19th December 2018. The NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee welcomes the proposal as formulated in document 204 EX/23 REV on the means to improve the dialogue between the Member States and NGOs and a more active participation of NGOs in the debates of the Executive Council which would enable a space of dialogue for NGOs and fuel the reflexion of the Member States with their field expertise.

The next ICNGO could be the opportunity to engage  the Member States further and make it an informal space of dialogue and cooperation. A consultation questionnaire has been sent to Member States as indicated in a letter addressed to the Liaison Committee president for consultation. You can access the survey questionnaire for your  information and suggestions you can submit to the Liaison Committee in order to work collectively  to improve the dialogue between NGOs and Member States.

We wish you pleasant holidays !

August 10, 2018

On behalf of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré,
Chair of Communication and Relations with CCNGO/Education 2030

Philippe Beaussant, NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee President

1, rue Miollis, 75732 Paris Cedex 15. Tél: +33 1 45 68 36 68 Facebook: Ngo-UNESCO Liaison Committee
Twitter account: Liaison Ngo-Unesco @NgoUnesco